Oct 03, 2019

How to Motivate Employees in the Workplace lots of experience

Workforce scenario planning has traditionally been an externally focused exercise by industries that took a particularly long-term view such as oil and infrastructure. The rest of us have been able to pivot to new models quickly when necessary and to hire new talent to create the workforce needed for the change. That approach won't work much longer. For many, it's not working already because skills shortages are at a 12-year high* and the future workforce isn't for sale.

Oct 23, 2019

From C-Suite to D-Suite: Manufacturing’s Digital Leaders

Automation, robotics and artificial intelligence are reshaping manufacturing—boosting productivity, enhancing agility and significantly impacting workforces. High-performance companies are upskilling their teams to complement technology and to perform new tasks that machines can’t accomplish. Making peace with such a skills revolution requires leadership that can encourage a culture of learning and agility. Change is the new normal, starting with role models at the top of the organization who show they can adapt fast.

Passion HR Solution has analyzed the skills revolution required to support the future of industry in a new report: “The Future Factory.” Although the manufacturing industry was our backdrop and focus, the insight we garnered isn’t limited to the factory floor. Many of our findings relate to all industries, and can be narrowed down to two key insights: